a day of training & renewal for youth ministry teams | Nov 17, 2018 - MA | Mar 23, 2019 - CT


Lab Leaders

Lab Session 1

  • Essentials for an Effective Small Group Leader (Bethany Needham)

  • Brain Matters: Middle School Minds & Ministry Culture (Amy Chaney)

  • Renew our Vows: Parents & Faith-Parents in the Church (Ruthie Seiders)

  • Student Ministry in a Postmodern Culture (Jocelyn Peirce)

  • Identity: The Crisis in our Core (Matthew Oullette)

  • Navigating Successful Partnerships Between Churches (Jason Coache)

  • Students Serve: Never Too Young to be Leaders (Alex Gomez)

  • Engaging with Students: The Opportunities & Pitfalls of Meeting Students on their Turf (Kevin Campbell)

  • Leadership Transition: Frequent or Final (Gary Campbell & Jeremy Vorce)

Lab Session 2

  • SEEing Teenagers (Sharon Ketchum)

  • How to be a Great Volunteer (Steve Yescott)

  • Leveraging Social Media in our Ministry (Zach Hummer)

  • Brain Matters: High School Minds & Ministry Culture (Amy Chaney)

  • Making Disciples that Make Disciples (Darren Depaul)

  • Helping Hurting Teens (Steve & Yvette Cullum)

  • Including Teens with Disabilities into the Fabric of Your Church (Molly Vazquez)

  • Effective Middle School Ministry (Calvin Daly)

  • For Point Leaders: A Conversation for Vocational & Volunteer Directors & Youth Pastor (Gary Campbell)

  • Getting Organized: Tools & Tips (Ruthie Seiders)

Lab Session 3

  • Loving LGBTQIA+ Youth in the Church (Bill Henson)

  • Divide & Conquer: Giving Your Job Away to Your Team (Alex Gomez)

  • Helping Students Navigate the Online World (Zach Hummer)

  • Finding, Assessing, & Living Out of Your Calling (Jake Kircher)

  • How to Keep Leaders Bought-in for the Long Haul (Ryan Baker)

  • Effective Ministry in a Rural Context (Adam & Rachelle Chase)

  • How to Thrive in Inner City Youth Ministry (Javier Roche)

  • Ensuring the Safety of those We Serve (Michael Cassidy)

additional sessions coming soon.

time and topics subject to change